The CADdy EDS demo- or test-version contains all functions of the modules EL1-EL5 (Schematics, Layout, Autoplacer, Autorouter, 2D-Design) and EL9 (DXF-Interface) of the full version.

It is limited in the number of objects only (components, nets, sheets, geometric elements). Small projects can be created and handled without problems.

CADdy EDS comes with program texts and help files in different languages. The chosen installation language determines the language of the program texts. Please see our support page on how to change this later.

There is a trainig project installed by the installation program. At the moment the contained description of the training project is available in german language only.


CADdy EDS 14.0 Demo


13.8 MB


Installation requirements for the demo version are the same as for the full version. CADdy EDS can be run with Windows 7, Windows 8(.1) and Windows 10.


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