The five CADdy EDS modules

Schematic Editor (CADdy EL1 ), Layout Editor (CADdy EL2 ), Autoplacer (CADdy EL3), Autorouter (CADdy EL4) and 2D-Design (CADdy EL5)

are our main products.

Test versions

A demo or test version of CADdy EDS for Windows 8.0 will be available for download soon. The test version is fully functional and is restricted by project size only, i.e. the number of objects is limited.

School versions

Additionally to the test version a special school version of CADdy EDS is available. If You are interested please contact Ziegler Informatics GmbH


Additionally to maintenance and further development of the CADdy EDS modules we are developing special functionalities in the context of CADdy EDS by order. From these developments by order a number of add-ons for CADdy EDS have emerged:

  • Modul Folie, the membrane switch module, is a collection of objects and functions, which facilitate the manufacturing of membrane switches essentially. Some of these objects and functions should be mentioned: automatic or interactive generation of isolating areas, a special design check for finding short circuits, which may involve from the production process in this case, a comfortable function to generate ventilation channels, the execution of regular multiple copies and so on. An IO-interface to Zünd cutting plotters is included. All objects and functions of the membrane switch module are fully integrated in CADdyEDS.

  • Modul Fräsen, the engraving or milling module, extends CADdy EDS by the ability to engrave front panels or to mill stamping tools and dies. Modul Fräsen lets you generate male and female stamping tools automatically, considers finishing tools and maximum milling depths, optimizes tool paths, ... The creation of milling data is as easy as drawing some lines. With CADdy EDS the footprints of components can be prepared to contain closed line strokes. Thus switches can be defined to contain all necessary informations for the generation of stamping dies. The full integration of this module into the CAM processor of EDS lets start the generation of milling data by a simple mouse click. Modul Fräsen has been adapted for milling machines from GE Fanuc and Datron, others on request.

  • Our cutting plotter control program (CutIT) is in action with cutting plotters from Wild, Zünd, Eurolaser, Sei, ... Since all necessary parameters for the plotters and for the used materials need to be commited only once, the service of the plotter and the program itself is extremly simple. This program is well prepared and best suited for industrial usage. The cutting plotter control program is available with different extensions, for example for plotter with and without automatic membrane supplies.

  • The Wild TA10-Interface enbales input and output of Wild TA10 - data. It is available for CADdy EDS as well as for the cutting plotter control program and it is fully integrated respectively.

  • By the DXF-Interface Autocad R12 DXF - data can be read and written. On input Autocad entities become EDS geometry objects, Autocad layers become EDS CAD layers. This interface is available for CADdy EDS as well as for the cutting plotter control program and is fully integrated of course in either case.

If you have any questions about the add ons been introduced here, please contact :