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These pages provide a direct contact between the users of CADdy EDS and us, the software developers. As a CADdy EDS user looking for support you have found the right place. If you are (still ?) no CADdy EDS user, feel free to have a look around too !

Areas on this web site:
Support contains the most current release versions of our software. This is the actual download area.
Beta If there is a beta test running beta versions and further informations can be found in this area.
Products contains informations about software products being developed and maintained by us.
Demo If you have become interested in CADdy EDS - the test- or demo-version can be found here.
Contact How to contact us...

If you want to make any suggestions or comments about these pages please contact webmaster@caddyeds.de.

Support inquiries should be sent to support@caddyeds.de.

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